“Pure Michigan” campaign captures essence of the state

As a Michigan native myself, I’m always proud to see the great assets of the state put on display for the rest of the country to experience.

Travel Michigan has put together a series of radio sports touting the assets of Michigan. These spots feature the voice of actor/comedian and Michigan-native, Tim Allen.

With award-winning music and excellent narration, this ad campaign’s effect is lasting and definitely makes an impression on the listener.

The marketing message presents the idea that there is something bigger to live for – spending time with family and friends. And Michigan is a great place to do that.

Pure Michigan’s website already gets more traffic than any other state website (and has for the past four years). Funding for the campaign was boosted this year while funding for promotions of many other states is declining.

So, as Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor says: “With thousands of farms, orchards, and vineyards, life just plain tastes better when it’s Pure Michigan.”

Click here to experience the “Pefect Summer.”

AND click here to experience my hometown!

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