“Before you’re a patient, you’re a person.”  

–Arra Yerganian, Chief Marketing & Branding Officer, Sutter Health
Seems like common sense, right? But we all know from visiting doctors and hospitals that, all too often, the treatment experience is far from personal. The folks at Sutter Health understand this as well as anyone; after all, they’re friends, neighbors, and family members who all share the same community.

Sutter Health delivers three to four kindergarten classes each and every day in Northern California. Chances are, if you live in the Bay Area or Sacramento, you or someone you know is a Sutter Health Baby.

A lot has changed in Silicon Valley in recent history, but Sutter has managed to stay on the cutting edge and keep its big heart in this hot spot of innovators. Over the past 96 years, Sutter has been woven into the DNA of NorCal. Sutter doctors, patients, and staff all live, work, and play in the same place, so it only makes sense that they treat their patients like the family, friends, and neighbors that they are.

Because Sutter treats their patients like people, they have worked nonstop to innovate new treatments, therapies, and technologies to constantly improve the patient experience. From pet therapy to music therapy and an incredible research arm to develop cutting edge treatments, Sutter sees high-quality treatment as a standard to be exceeded every single day with personalized treatment.

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Not a NorCal resident? Fear not! You can take a peek into Sutter’s world by checking out its blog to get the latest Sutter Health news, research information, and more.

Northern California is the birthplace of modern pioneers. The heart of Silicon Valley is in good hands with its extended family at Sutter Health.