New Study Shows the Incredible Power of Cross-Platform Campaigns


What’s a more effective advertising medium, TV or radio?

You may have heard this question a lot over the years but it turns out it may not be a very good question at all.

A new study conducted by Nielsen and CBS adds to mounting data that TV and radio combined are far better than either alone.

Nielsen, in a partnership with CBS, decided to experiment with combining data from both its radio-measuring “Portable People Meter” and TV-measuring “Local People Meter.” With some advanced data techniques, Nielsen was able connect viewing and listening habits to unique individuals on CBS assets. That’s good news for many cross-platform ad-buyers, who can sometimes be left in the dark about how many unique consumers they’re reaching through campaigns.

To gather proof of their new concept, Nielsen launched its new measuring techniques in five markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston. In many of those markets, advertisers could double their reach by combining radio and TV and reach as high as 93% of the adult population.

That data is also driving all kinds of new analysis. As a next step this new measurement dataset will be linked to purchasing behavior.  This will allow local advertisers to move beyond demographics to “buyergraphics,” discovering affinity groups in new markets.

We here at the Altitude Group are ecstatic to bring these new data tools from the testing grounds into the hands of our great clients. Going forward, we hope to connect this data with digital campaigns as well. It’s all part of CBS’s exciting partnership with Nielsen launched earlier this year.

Today, data-driven campaigns are more important than ever. And with increasingly comprehensive tools, marketers are keen to measure exactly what sort of return on their investment they receive. That’s a challenge the Altitude Group is ready to meet, especially as more data rolls in to confirm the efficacy of local marketing.