Meet the Man Behind Fidelity’s Green Line

The green line of Fidelity Investments is everywhere. The man responsible for making it so iconic is Jim Speros, Chief Marketing Officer at Fidelity investments.

In the latest installment of marketing masters, we got a surprising peek into the mind of Speros, an unconventional CMO who puts a premium on creativity, innovation and taking chances.

“I often define risk as jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down,” he says. “When you do that, sometimes magical things happen.”

With a keen understanding of what it takes to talk to consumers over the course of their entire lives, Jim offers comprehensive insight into financial services marketing

We had a chance to sit down with Jim and talk about where the green line came from and where its going, and find out his secrets for running marketing at a company with $1.6 trillion in managed assets.

Listen to the full interview and learn how the GPS system in Speros’ car led to the idea that became a breakthrough ad campaign.

James Speros, Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity, came to the company after efforts at both Marsh & McLennan and Ernst & Young. He’s a recognized and award-winning industry leader frequently published and sought out by the press and industry organizations.