Marketing Main Street: The Power of Radio and Digital

We’re excited to introduce “A View From The Top,” a new video interview series where industry leaders discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of local advertising and marketing.

In our first installment, we talk with Dan Mason, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS RADIO, and Gordon Borrell, Chief Executive Officer of Borrell Associates. The fascinating discussion explores how different media platforms are complementing each other more than ever today and how radio is the backbone of local communities across the country.

Dan Mason
Dan Mason serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS RADIO. In this role, he oversees CBS RADIO’s 125 stations, as well as the day-to-day operations of the division.

Gordon Borrell
Gordon Borrell is a sought-after keynote speaker and analyst who addresses conferences and company meetings more than thirty times each year. He is Chief Executive Officer of Borrell Associates, a research and consulting firm that focuses on local advertising.

Tony Mennuto
Tony Mennuto is the creative face behind RadioFace, a creative radio advertising company in NYC. Tony speaks regularly at conferences about creativity, marketing and engagement.