Live On Letterman Gets “REALLY Big”

We’re ecstatic to share some big news: Live on Letterman will be streamed live on the CBS JumboTron in Times Square.  In addition to the hundreds of millions of impressions generated from the radio simulcasts and live online streams, the digital billboard offers the opportunity to make this game-changing property even bigger.

Live On Letterman Times Square

Since launching the series in October 2009, CBS has produced more than 20 webcasts, ranging from Taylor Swift to Foo Fighters to Adele. Tomorrow’s webcast by British alt-rock outfit Beady Eye and next Tuesday’s by quirky rockers Cake will be shown on the giant screen at the intersection of 42nd St. and Seventh Avenue. “We take advantage of working hand in hand with the artists that the Letterman folks are reaching out to and we super-size it with these webcasts,” CBS-IMG president David Goodman says. “It’s a trifecta of online, mobile and on-air.”

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