Latest Lexus Campaign Asks ‘What Makes the Perfect Drive?’


There’s a slogan that’s been proliferating among digital advertisers: “Content is king.” The idea, it goes, is that to create great leads and lasting relations with consumers, marketers need to tell great stories to get them there.

In reality, these advertisers have tapped into the logic that’s pervaded good marketing for nearly a century. And it’s always refreshing to find an advertising partner that wants to fully explore this concept.

That’s why it was so exciting to work with Lexus dealers in the tri-state area to launch the “Perfect Drive” campaign. In collaboration with Team One, Lexus’ ad agency, CBS personality Craig Carton tours the  market’s best golf courses in a brand new Lexus GS F Sport.

In a short segments that appear both on radio and TV, Carton talks to each club’s Head Pro about the most challenging holes on each course. Over the course of twelve weeks, these pros will dish out advice to Carton while listeners are offered the chance to test drive a new Lexus  and enter to win a VIP experience at a local course. Grand prize winners will be treated to a golf resort trip to Ireland.

Cars are uniquely positioned for branded video. Even if you’re not an enthusiast,  automobiles are an American pastime that  plays an intimate part in getting you where you love to be. Whether that’s a golf course, family picnic or the beach, cars are constantly involved in the things we love to do. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the web series by Jerry Seinfeld, strikes a similar vein, if only because artists are realizing that cars are the perfect medium to tell their stories.



“Golf is a major passion point for many of our customers and we are excited to build on our partnership with the MGA to further expose people to our fresh new line-up of award winning Lexus vehicles, while engaging with fans in the tri-state area,” said Greg Kitzens, Lexus Eastern Area General Managert to RBR.

2013 was an incredible year for luxury cars, with amazing growth across the board. Many luxury brands, like Lexus, Audi and BMW, saw growth anywhere from 7%-20%. Some smaller, ultra-luxury, brands like Maserati even saw growth as high as 144%.

“We had a great time working with Team One and Lexus to create a campaign that highlights their pursuit of perfection and comes to life on a very local level,” said Altitude’s own Rich Lobel. “Craig is a known golf enthusiast with a distinctive ability to speak to sports fans and champion results for clients. He will be a great ambassador for Lexus as we execute this program.”