Kenny Powers and K-Swiss – The Ultimate Marketing Combination

Motivated. Genius. 100% More Awesome.

Those are the self-described words that are being associated with “new K-Swiss CEO” Kenny Powers. In his latest role, the HBO “Eastbound and Down” star takes us through the marketing campaign of the new and improved K-Swiss Tubes.

Who else but Mr. Powers to change the corporate culture at K-Swiss? In a world where John “Bones” Jones runs the HR department, K-Swiss puts forth the marketing message of confidence and ruggedness in their new Tubes brand.

K-Swiss Tubes: “WE Let the Dogs Out.”

This is definitely one of the funniest and most entertaining campaigns to come out in a long time. And amplifying these new and exciting campaigns are what we in the Altitude Group are all about.

With this new ad campaign, Kenny Powers is clearly “winning” and so is KSwiss.

Click here to view the KSwiss Tubes Marketing Campaign