How to Get the Best Ideas

Brainstorming. Estorming. Ideating. Think tank.

Whatever you want to call it, we all do it on a daily basis. But what is the secret to getting the best and most innovative ideas for your clients?

At the Altitude Group, our internal strategy team works collaboratively on a daily basis to come up with unique (and sometimes outrageous) ideas to present to our clients. But what makes us continue to come up with bold ideas that continue to challenge the norm? Check out the recent research that shows simple ways to keep ideas unique and fresh. And why some people need to spend their mornings in a cave.

While we don’t have caves, there are plenty of things we do on a regular basis to be our most creative selves.

Here are some tips:

  • Do your homework – Spend 10-15 minutes before the brainstorm on your own researching the product and have some initial ideas/thought starters to bring to the table.

  • Tag-team brainstorming – we recently split into teams of 2 to do a pre-brainstorm sesh and have gotten some killer ideas.  We then regroup and go over all of the ideas, blowing out the ones we like and even coming up with new ones. If you aren’t into tag-team brainstorming, try out brainwriting.

  • No idea is a bad idea.  No, really – sometimes the most hilarious/cheesy/ridiculous ideas can be turned into something brilliant.  Give it a shot.

  • Change it up.  Things get static; we all get stuck in a rut coming up with the same ideas over and over again.  We recently brought in sandwiches for the client we were brainstorming about.  If you aren’t pitching to a sandwich company, try taking the brainstorm outside, or even to a new room.
  • Get bored. We’ve talked about this before. When you let your mind wander, your mind gets creative. No TV, no music, no reading. Just silence.
  • Explore. Look for a source of inspiration completely out of your comfort zone. Read a book or watch a TV show you would never normally watch.  Go for a hike!