How to Age Gracefully, A Radio Farewell

CBC’s legendary Wiretap recently announced an end to their 11-year run. The Canadian radio show was an inspiration to its listeners, and was a fine example of great storytelling in action.

Host Jonathan Goldstein said this in Wiretap’s farewell letter.

It started from a simple desire to share the funny, smart people in my life with all of you. I wanted to create a place where we could hang out together and like-minded people could join us. I wanted to make something that felt different than everything else I was hearing on the radio, something that felt funny and real, that didn’t shy away from the big questions…

As a parting gift, they produced this simple, heart-warming, video where real Wiretap listeners provide advice to their former selves.

Advice includes “stay weird” and “being a starving artists only works if you actually make art.”

The best advice, however, comes last. “Dear 91-year-old, don’t listen to other people’s advice. Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. Signed, a 93-year-old.

We’ll miss you, Wiretap!