Happiness is a Warm Radio

There was a great article in The Telegraph about a recent bit of research titled “Media and the Mood of the Nation.” The study tested peoples happiness and energy levels when listening to the radio, watching TV, going online, or not consuming any media at all.

We can’t say that we’re surprised by this here at Altitude, but the study found that listening to the radio makes people happier and gives them higher energy levels than watching TV or browsing the internet.

Respondents recorded a 100 percent lift in happiness and 300 percent boost to their energy levels when listening to a radio show versus not consuming any type of media at all.

The study revealed that people use the radio as a support system to help them through their busy days, from getting ready in the morning to driving home from work, radio has enormous power to keep people motivated. The study also revealed that people are more likely to engage with radio advertising over generic national messages, because it speaks to their emotions.

“People are the happiest and most energetic when listening to radio. It plays an important emotional role in people’s lives,” said Mark Barber, planning director at the Radio Advertising Bureau which commissioned the research. The study also included EEG brain scans to monitor peoples reactions to the radio and interestingly enough they found that radio stimulates positive brain engagement levels and that people are more responsive to audio adverts when preceded by editorial content.

So want to feel better? It’s easy: just turn on the radio!

Check out the original RAB study (pdf) as well.