Great Marketing Drives March Madness All The Way To The Hoop

Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University once again leads his Blue Devils into the Tournament as a 2nd seed.

Brackets, office pools, midday “lunch” breaks to catch the final 3 minutes of a game, last second buzzer beaters and Cinderella stories.

March is ubiquitous with college basketball as, all of sudden, people turn their energy and TVs to the 67 seven games over three weeks.

March Madness is once again upon us.

It’s no accident that theses student athletes hold the nation’s attention for three weeks. The NCAA has invested heavily to make the tournament the second most watched sports showcase in the country, only behind the NFL playoffs. They have built this very successful brand through catchy alliterations (Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four), broad media coverage across four TV channels, many radio stations and live streaming, and social media.

It’s not easy to make little known colleges relevant to the masses, but through all the games and brackets surrounding the Tournament, the NCAA has made this college sport extremely accessible to all and has pronounce March as their month.

For a deeper look at the secrets behind their marketing brilliance, take a look here.

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