Getting to Work at University of Phoenix

Today, the nation faces a new kind of job crisis.

In America, 3.7 million jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of educated or skilled workers. University of Phoenix is tackling this issue head-on through it’s groundbreaking new Let’s Get to Work campaign.

In the first-ever video edition of Marketing Masters, we sat down with Arra Yerganian, the Chief Marketing Officer of University of Phoenix, to talk about how a new initiative directly addresses the gap between the skills that job seekers have and the skills employers need.

“It’s time to change the conversation. The new north star really needs to be about connecting education to careers,” said Yerganian. “It’s a shift in paradigm for the university.” Yerganian points out that given the school’s incredible growth over recent years, “awareness is not an issue that we face, it’s consideration.” And never has the connection between education and jobs been more clear.

Founded more than 35 years ago with a mission to democratize education, University of Phoenix is now the largest university in the country. “The school has 750,000 alumni, 500,000 of whom who have graduated in just the last five or six years,” says Yerganian. These alumni now have the skills and knowledge necessary to help get the country get back to work.

Replacing the University’s Committed campaign, Let’s Get to Work launched during the Emmy Awards on Sept. 23 and includes radio ads in 16 key markets across the country.

Yerganian’s enthusiasm for learning is contagious. It’s difficult to spend time with him and not feel bullish about the future of education. “Learning is a lifelong pursuit. It never stops,” he said.

Now let’s get to work!

Arra Yerganian is the Chief Marketing Officer of University of Phoenix. Click here for more backstory on the Let’s Get to Work campaign.