Favorite Site: Ads of the World

People in the ad business are always referencing recent creative campaigns. If you’ve been in the business awhile, you’ve usually already seen or heard many of them. However, there’s so much great creative made today that it’s really easy to miss some great ads.One of my favorite websites, “Ads Of The World,” helps to fill in those gaps. Launched in 2007, Ads of the World is an advertising archive and community that showcases what it deems to be the best and most creative ads in the world. The archive stores everything from radio to outdoor ads and you can post your own ads if you become a member. It now archives well over 2 million ads.

This site uses ratings, comments, re-tweets, and other social media tactics to make it easy to share the ads with friends and colleagues. They also have an unusually strong collection of international spots which is especially useful for getting a fresh perspective.

In the Research section you’re likely to turn up some real gems of vintage advertising, including lots you may have seen as kids.

You can also limit your search to a particular medium (e.g. digital, radio). A personal favorite is the ad for the Reebok Easy Tone. The first 22 seconds of this clever ad created in Sweden consist of an oprea singer belting out “bum bum bum” in various pitches followed by a quick one liner, “Give you’re bum a better tone!”

Who could argue with that?