Exploring New York City’s Less Traveled Paths

Whether it’s a breakthrough marketing campaign or the opportunity to attend a one of a kind event, we are always looking to create amazing experiences with our clients.

I was impressed by an article in this week’s Time Out New York that highlights a company which specializes in such out of the ordinary urban experiences.

SideTour, which launched in the fall of 2011, has organized lunches with musical legends, luge rides with winter Olympians and classes in “the art of butchering.”

They’ve also taken people on guided tours of “The Institute of Higher Burnin,” an outdoor graffiti gallery in Long Island City and arranged meetings with urban beekeepers. Who knew that they even existed?  They’ll even use a Cadillac Escalade to shuttle people around to culinary events.

It’s fun just to think about adventures that might come to a service like SideTour.

We love innovative local businesses at Altitude and SideTour is just that!