Evolving Toward the Right Digital Mix

If you’ve ever sat down for a lunch with a group of marketers, you know how often the topic of “digital” comes up. Have you hired that entry-level employee to manage your global Facebook page? You HAVE a global Facebook page? What CRM vendor are you using for e-mail newsletters? You HAVE e-mail newsletters?

These are all common questions being tossed around, but the have-nots are apparently outnumber their more digitally savvy counterparts.

In a survey conducted by the CMO Council, only 9% of 200 global marketers surveyed consider their companies as having a highly evolved, integrated marketing model with a clear and proven path. Only 44% see their digital strategies as still being at as exploration level.

So what does this mean for a new generation of marketers eagerly looking social media platforms and authentic, on-target brand communication? We’re always looking at the industry at large here at Altitude and are also always looking to evolve our mix. We know that radio means many things to people.

Check out some of our case studies for some examples of this. For Bank of America, we leveraged our on-air talent to create custom TV spots. And working with Allstate, we created custom traffic reports.

But it’s not all grey skies: Forty-two percent of marketers reported that they have strong interest and active support at the line-of-business (LOB) level, 20% said they have a mandate and a budget to execute, and 18% said that this is an agenda item they have to address with their CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. However, 23% said that management is still trying to understand where digital marketing fits within their overall businesses.

More importantly, how can digitally-minded marketers push these initiatives through their organization? According to the CMO Council’s findings, focus on ROI and digital’s overall ability to increase marketing performance – nearly two-thirds of respondents stated this is where management’s interests lie.