Do You Have an Emotional Attachment to Radio?

Your favorite record. Your dog. Your mom. That awesome sweatshirt from college. These are all things that some of us claim to have an emotional attachment with. But what about the FM hip-hop station you occasionally listen to while driving to work?

In a recent study targeting core radio listeners, conducted by Jacobs Media, data suggests that “focusing on connecting emotionally and meaningfully with listeners is radio’s best avenue toward remaining relevant and vibrant in the face of new digital competition.”

According to the study, there are four emotional triggers that radio listeners value:

  • Having a radio on while they work
  • Helping them get in a better mood
  • Providing a feeling of companionship
  • Offering an escape from the pressures of everyday life

What else did the study uncover? Apparently, our radio station/genre preferences play a huge role in our digital personality and usage habits. For example, fans of Alternative, CHR, Rock, and Sports/Talk stations have a greater propensity to own a smartphone.

Other fun facts include:

  • Are you a fan of Hot AC or News/Talk radio stations? You are more likely to own a tablet.
  • How often do you use Facebook? If you listen to CHR, Alternative or Country, you are more likely to use the site on a daily basis.
  • Can you guess which radio genre rules the Twitterverse? If you always have the game on, you probably guessed Sports/Talk radio, and you would be correct.

What do you think – Do radio preferences impact your digital life?