Different Demographics, Different Marketing Techniques

In the next two posts, we’ll look at two different demographic segments and the approach that successful campaigns take to creatively and effectively reach their audiences. First, the Millennials. There are about 80 million of them and they’re taking over from the baby boomers.

These folks have famously short attention spans. We’ve all been there. We watch TV, while looking at our phones, eating a cheeseburger, and “sincerely” conversing with our friends.

Short attention spans are now the norm, which poses a problem for traditional marketing techniques. To reach the younger consumers– those born in the 80’s and early 90’s, known as the Millennials– marketing campaigns need to be
more clever, faster, and to the point.

Along with being very creative, original content has to engage the audience in an innovative way, through innovative channels, in order to attract the Millennials.

Luckily, our multi platform assets here at Altitude provide us with the tools to reach this elusive yet pivotal demographic.

This recent study reaffirms what we already know: Millennials dont roll over for the same advertising schtick their parents did.

But we are up to the challenge.