CBS Uses Advertising to Drive Social Change

I’m excited to report that CBS is expanding its pioneering EcoAd advertising program.

Founded by social entrepreneur Paul Polizzotto in 2002 and acquired by CBS two years ago, EcoMedia provides an innovative way to use ad dollars to fund environmental projects at the nation’s most effective nonprofit organizations — in effect turning advertising into an engine for social change.

Clients, from automotive to tech, banking to retail, local independent businesses and the biggest brands, are able to invest their ad dollars more efficiently and reap rewards that they simply can’t get from ordinary advertising.

We’ve found that the projects funded through our programs have substantial and lasting benefits for consumers  — and for our advertisers.

Some recent examples of CBS EcoMedia initiatives include:

Yesterday CBS announced that it added two new kinds of advertisements — “EducationAd” and “WellnessAd” — to the program as options for companies looking to make a positive impact in the areas of education and community health.

EducationAds will carry a logo that reads “Ads funding education projects” and WellnessAds will have a logo that says “Ads funding wellness projects.”

I encourage everyone to look for the EcoAd, EducationAd and WellnessAd program logos on commercials presented across its many platforms. These three icons signify that the advertiser has provided funding for one of a number of urgent yet underfunded projects.

Keep an eye out for these icons on campaigns everywhere and be sure to learn more about CBS EcoMedia at its web site. And check out the video below to learn more about EcoMedia.