CBS Launches New Podcast Network

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CBS Radio launched, a new podcast network that brings together CBS’ amazing array of talent with a wide roster of outside brands and podcasters.

At launch, the network boasts over 300 shows and has something for everyone: 60 Minutes, an impressive repertoire of sports talk from the likes of Mike Francesca and Boomer & Carton, in addition to radio talent Carson Daly Mornings. For marketers out there, has an incredible selection of sports, business and technology podcasts with which to align your messaging.

The service is now available online at and through a mobile-optimized site for streaming across devices. Podcasts are available to stream or download. The podcast network will also be available on iTunes and CBS Radio’s HD radio stations.

Jean at the launch of in Las Vegas.

Jean at the launch of in Las Vegas.

“The demand for on-demand audio content is huge, with tens of millions of people and growing listening to podcasts each month, yet this content currently has been spread across multiple sites and services,” said Ezra Kucharz, President of CBS Local Digital Media. “With the launch of, we aim to bring consumers a unified, easy-to-use platform featuring the best podcasts from not only CBS brands but other major brands, personalities and publishers, as well.”

What’s enticing for advertisers is’s innovative ad insertion technology. In addition to native ads and other sponsorship opportunities,’s ad-buying platform also allows finely tuned audience targeting.

As podcasting grows in popularity, we’re excited for and hope it becomes as much of a staple in American homes as the rest of our platforms.