Broadcasting? That Was So 2011

Among the many insights that emerged out of  National Association of Broadcasters Show last week was the realization that it is the quality of programming, not the distribution channels, that determines audience size and success.

With the increase of media consumption across platforms devices and contexts, people who think that programming can only succeed on its platform of origin have a very short-sighted view of how media is evolving into the future.

As radio consultant Mark Ramsey points out, this shifts the focus of not where the programs come from, but how well they are made and how deeply they connect with local customers: “Control is in the hands of the consumers who demand content. We can create great content or mediocre content – that’s up to us.  But how consumers get it is very much up to them.  They don’t care about our heritage platforms and our monetization models…”

This is why we’re focused on creating great content that lures consumers through whatever platform they use, rather than pushing content through a single traditional channel. Consumers are great at discovering what they want, and what they want is great content.