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Director, Digital Partnerships

There was a terrific article in Media Post on Friday about FIAT’s groundbreaking Alternate Stories campaign, a project we had the pleasure of helping to bring to life.

In it, Esperansita Bejnarowicz, social media manager at FIAT USA, discussed the indispensable role that the integrated campaign played in utilizing live events to amplify the brand to a young creative market.

The Fiat storytelling series “Alternate Routes” used creative services company RadioFace to build a radio drive-time buy. “We had an awareness and distribution challenge,” said Bejnarowicz. “We knew there would be affinity among a younger influencer, a culturally creative person. And we were still in launch mode and had distribution outlet problems. We needed a solution that would help us bridge the gap, as well as target to where distribution outlets were.”

The shows, under Fiat’s “Life is Best when Driven” umbrella, were filmed in front of live audiences, generating long-form video, plus long radio spots on CBS radio in five major markets over eight weeks. The purpose of the ads: not so much to tout Fiat as to drive consumers online to watch the shows and learn about the brand. Thia was achieved because the radio spots were cliffhangers, said Bejnarowicz.

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