At CES, A World of Audio

Eton FRX3 Crank Radio

As this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas demonstrated, we don’t  listen to our grandmother’s radio anymore.

Dials wont be turned and seek buttons wont be pressed. Radio is transforming as rapidly as anything in the digital world. From smart phone and tablet apps to voice-controlled station selection and on-demand programming, accessing your favorite radio station has never been easier, no matter where you are.

There were a ton of cool gadgets for audio at CES this year. Here’s a short list of some of the ones that caught our eyes. And ears.

Tune In Radio
With TuneIn Radio you can stream over 50,000 FM, AM, and HD Radio stations around the world and select on-demand programming. At CES specifically, TuneIn Radio announced a smart phone app to work in conjunction with Ford’s voice-controlled Sync system.

Meanwhile, Subaru and Honda are also partnering with internet radio provider Aha. With their goal of “reinventing radio” by building a cloud-based platform, they offer consumers streamed radio through their iPhone and Android apps, heard through the car radio system.

Chevy MyLink Radio
And finally, Chevy MyLink Radio will offer new Chevy Spark and Chevy Sonic car owners the chance to stay connected in a simple and safe way. Either through a USB connection or Bluetooth, drivers link up smart phones and iPods to stream internet radio through the car sound system.

Eton Crank Radio
Emergency radios fall into an unusual category. They’re something like car jacks. You won’t use them very often, but boy are you thankful when the right moment comes along. Eton, a consumer electronics manufacturer, announced the FRX line of “safety” radios this year at CES. The FRX3 is the top of the line model and comes with a couple cool features, like an LED flashlight and a USB for recharging your mobile phone. The unit’s battery is recharged either via a solar panel (the outline of which also glows in the dark to help you find the unit) or with some elbow grease.