American Girl Fans to Make American Girl Ads

I was obsessed with American Girl as a kid. Obsessed!

But that doesn’t mean that as an adult I’ll be submitting a video to this new American Girl contest. (Okay, maybe it does.) But whether or not I personally enter this contest, it’s worth taking note of a totally cool new initiative from the marketing folks at the beloved doll company.

American Girl, which is owned by Mattel, just announced that it’s inviting girls to produce and star in a video about two of its dolls.

Starting last week, girls between the ages of 8 and 14 have been able to enter a nationwide casting call to star in a short film about two dolls: Julie Albright from the 1970s—or one about American Girl’s newest historical character from the 1950s, Maryellen Larkin, set to debut on August 27, 2015.

American girl fans — with the help of their parents — can submit three-minute videos of themselves reading from pre-written scripts. Selected videos will then move on to a public voting phase which starts on Aug. 31. There everyone can vote for their favorite video finalists. Two winners get $10,000 and a trip to star in the 15-minute video.


Once complete, the short film will be shared across American Girl’s social media platforms including their super popular Facebook and YouTube pages.

And American Girl will also debut a digital scrapbook for its newest doll, called “Maryellen’s Nifty ‘50s Scrapbook.” Its fans will be able to explore the ‘50s through this online digital scrapbook told from Maryellen’s point of view through photos, illustrations, video clips, and games.

Why didn’t they have this contest when I was a kid?

Aspiring American Girls should can visit to register and submit audition videos.

This is going to be fun! And if you happen to see a very talented girl named Alex who looks just a smidge older than 14, please vote for her!!