Mercedes Benz launched a new Twitter campaign to use social media to fuel awareness of their 2012 C-class coupe as well as some of their hybrid vehicles (see here for more).

Many people in the marketing industry are constantly yearning to understand how to make social media work well for their brand.  Old Spice did a great job of awareness with the video featuring Isaiah Mustafa (see here), but it didn’t lead to an increase in sales.  Groupon made millions in one day by selling Gap Groupon Coupons though we aren’t sure how many new subscribers they necessarily won over.

The key to success with social media is a clear direction and focus.  If you know specifically what you want to accomplish, you can create a compelling reason for people to share the content.

Mercedes Benz wanted to create a conversation around their brand to grab more attention during the superbowl during which they will run a premier spot (full article here):

The race is aimed at grabbing more attention for Mercedes’ mega-expensive Super Bowl spot, where the brand says it is advertising for the first time. To win the contest, participants have to tweet up a storm as they drive across country to the big game.

“We’ve begun amping up our efforts in the social media space to start some new conversation with the brand,” said Steve Cannon. You can meet and follow the teams at Mercedes USA’s Facebook page.

Because this is a cool concept and enables the competitive nature of both cars and people, more than 50,000 people have already liked the campaign’s Facebook page.  Talk about the start of a victory lap.