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AG MVP- Carmelo Bongiovi

It’s that time again! Every month, we’re nominating a member of #TeamAG our Altitude MVP. The critera? Crushing it! Up this month is Strategic Marketing Manager (and office comedian) Carmelo Bongiovi. When he’s not making all of us laugh uncontrollably (ok, the uncontrollable part might just be me…) Carmelo can be found generating bad-ass ideas for some of our biggest clients and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Fellow Strategist Stephanie says “Carmelo is the BEST. He’s insanely creative, and quick with unique yet on-point ideation. He’s my go-to for collaboration on anything– ideas, editing, enhancing, all of it. Carmelo is THE personality of the team- no matter how many projects he’s working on, Carmelo keeps everyone laughing.”

Please welcome to the stage, Carmelo Bongiovi.

Who are you inspired by?  My coworkers. But don’t tell them. I’d rather them not think we’re friends.

What’s your guilty pleasure? All food within grabbing distance.

Favorite writing utensil: A quill.

What’s your Chipotle and/or Starbucks order? Take out that “or” and give me a latte with my steak burrito.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on lately? 1. Our Lexus Perfect Drive content series 2. Comparing everyone in the office to a very insulting Simpson’s character.

Favorite part about your job: Using our collaborative spaces to come up with huge ideas… and to host rap battles. Yes, actual rap battles. Like 8 Mile. I’m Cheddar Bob.

On the weekends we can find you:  Playing freeze dance with my 2 year old niece (Just for the record… I’m way better at it).

Fun Fact: Generic fact? Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour. Fact about me? I just lost 450 calories

What’s on your playlist? ONLY George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.”

Finish this sentence: I am a badass because I still have my original driver’s license picture. I was 17 and looked like a member of the Jersey Shore.

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