AG MVP- Brendan Kneeland

Every month, we’re honoring one #TeamAG member who has been absolutely crushing it. Up this month? Brendan Kneeland, Project Manager in our Activation department.

Here’s what Brendan’s boss, Claire Doyle, has to say about the one and only BK:

“Simply put, Brendan is an amazing team player who goes above and beyond for every client. Whether it’s conducting in-studio interviews on Sundays, trafficking copy at 6:00 am, or simply helping where needed, Brendan is always ready to complete any task that is thrown his way. He was unanimously nominated by all department heads, which is a huge testament to his character considering what a stellar team we’ve developed at the Altitude Group.  Brendan certainly lives up to the Altitude “Best in Class” standards.”

So, what’s the deal with this Brendan dude? Check him out:



Job Title: Project Manager, Activation As a member of the Activation team, I manage several of Altitude’s largest brand campaigns – including DraftKings, MasterCard, GEICO, and more – often at the same time. My role includes creating campaign timelines and overall planning, radio spot production, high-level client communications, creative development/trafficking, and live event execution. (That was a mouthful.) In short- once a project is sold, I’m ready to activate.

Who are you inspired by? My parents. My Dad is an insanely hard worker, a selfless, smart guy, and  just an overall truly decent human being. My Mom is endlessly patient, compassionate and super smart. I strive to be like them in my career and life.

What do you love about radio? I got into this industry because I was a fan of brutally honest comedy and free creative expression.

 What’s your guilty pleasure?  Karaoke and anime come immediately to mind. No guilt.

 Favorite writing utensil? I couldn’t pick a favorite. They’re all like my children and I have no favorites.

What’s your Starbucks order?  Flat White. No idea what it is, but I hear it’s artisanal. Plus, it’s loaded with caffeine. After 2 years as a barista I need a little extra.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on lately? DraftKings – The Perfect Lineup. I worked directly with talent, helped to write scripts, and did sound production myself down at WFAN studios. The MasterCard VIP experiences and concerts were awesome as well.

Favorite part about your job: Writing and sound production are my favorite things to do…plus I really like the friends I have made here. I also love live events.

On the weekends where can we find you? Running down the West Side Highway, wandering the city window shopping, hanging in Hoboken, or out with friends.

Fun Fact: I may still be a proud member of the Meat Cutters Union of New Jersey, but I am not entirely sure.

What’s on your playlist? I can’t stop listening to “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna/Paul McCartney/Kanye West. Huge Beatles fan otherwise. Anything with great vocals.

Congratulations, Brendan! Stay tuned for next month’s AG MVP!