AG MVP- Anna Sanger

Each month, we’re honoring one #TeamAG member who has been absolutely crushing it. Up this month? Anna Sanger, Chicago’s Strategic Marketing Manager.

Eric Lemieux, Vice President of our Strategic Marketing group nominated Anna because she “redefines ‘going above and beyond.’ Not only does she run strategy for the Chicago office, but she also leads assignments with our New York sales team. Each month, she’s been creating an in-market newsletter to keep the CBS Chicago team posted on Altitude happenings. Anna has completely embraced big initiatives (from grocery stores to Caribbean vacations) that had several moving parts.” Chris Hemzacek, representing sales in our Chicago office says, “Give Anna a challenge, tell her that the sky is the limit, and to see what she comes back with is amazing. Let her run with her creativity and watch what happens.”

Hey, world, it’s time you meet Anna.


Job Description: Connecting brands with consumers in innovative ways using the local might of killer CBS assets.

Years with AG: It’ll be one dynamite year in May!

Who are you inspired by? My family – hands down the coolest, craziest people I know.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Favorite writing utensil: Ticonderoga Pencils, specifically the Tri-conderoga black edition with soft-touch finish, AKA the Rolls–Royce of writing utensils.

What’s your Starbucks order? Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte, hold the whip. The annual return of this drink each fall is cause for joyous celebration.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on lately? Papa John’s –  A) It’s delicious pizza and B) we’re doing something a little zanier than usual so…double awesome.

Favorite part about your job: I get to work on a new project/brand pretty much daily, so I’m constantly learning the most interesting (and totally random) stuff. The other day, I was hunting for examples of “happy facts” and discovered that a pack of pugs is called a grumble while a group of bunnies is a fluffle. And it goes without saying, the AG crew is a riot.

Weekend Oasis:  At the dog park with my husband, Jaymes and our furry, four-legged baby, Tinka.

Fun Fact: Goats have accents.

What’s on your playlist? Currently in rotation: Polica, City & Colour, Secret! Lives of the Freemasons, Rihanna, Young The Giant, Vivaldi, Matt & Kim and Prince

Finish this sentence: I am a badass because I don’t always shake well before using.

Congratulations, Anna! Be sure to come back and meet next month’s #AGMVP. In the meantime, did you meet our first MVP? Check him out (and all of our fabulous blog posts) here.