Altitude’s Insightful Interns | See the Exit Interview


College semesters are coming to an end, and with it brings the end of our intern’s 10 week tenure at the Altitude Group. Soyoung Kwon (left) and Cynthia Jung (right) quickly and effortlessly integrated themselves into our Strategy group, jumping right in to share on-the-money integrated marketing ideas, providing valuable insight into reaching millennials, and absorbing all things Altitude.

We’re so sad to see them go!

Our intern program leader, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager Stephanie Sanderson was pretty stoked on these two ladies,  “Cynthia and Soyoung came ready to rock from day one. In their very first brainstorm on their first day, they both contributed multiple ideas that made sense and showed a real understanding of our business. That’s not easy. And, really, they surpassed all expectations throughout their ten-week tenure. I miss them already… Our summer interns have a lot to live up to… Be forewarned. ;)”

We asked them to complete a lightning round exit interview to share a snap shot of them and their experience:

Soyoung Kwon

Favorite thing about working at AG: my favorite part about AG is definitely the “work hard play hard” mentality and the closeness of the team. Compared to the entire company, Altitude is a pretty small group, but it packs such a solid punch with its work. I guess that’s what happens when you put a bunch of awesomely creative go-getters on one floor!

Favorite memory of the past 10 weeks:  The first time I heard about James Ingrassia‘s Colors of the Sky idea.

What’s next for you? I’m currently looking for a summer/fall internship in Ad Sales or Strategy, and then I graduate in December!  

Cynthia Jung

Favorite thing about working at AG: the balance of leadership and teamwork. It’s just so rare to see a whole group of people who always speak up for themselves, but also so naturally collaborate. I think 99% of the world is one or the other. Apparently I found that rare 1% all in this office.

Favorite memory of the past 10 weeks: ugh this is hard. But here’s a funny thought – I’m not sure why, but even before we started, I was convinced that Soyoung and I would hate each other… for the entire 10 weeks. In reality, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. We probably (definitely) distracted (annoyed) all of sales with the incessant bursts of laughter that came from our lil cove.

What’s next for you? I’ma be at an arts management company as an executive assistant! But who knows, maybe I’ll be back in marketing & advertising in a jiff. My ~path~ is only just beginning to pave.