5 Things We Learned From Ariana Huffington at AWXI

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The Altitude women showed up in force to the Thrive panel at Advertising Week. Chaired by Ariana Huffington, Thrive featured an amazing panel with an impressive list of impressive women: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Susan Gianinno (Charman NA, Publicis Worldwide), Lori Hiltz (CEO, Havas Worldwide) and Denise Morrison (CEO, Campbell), to name but a few.

The topic was women succeeding in the work place while living sustainable, fulfilling lives. Here are some of the takeaways.

#1 “Do what you’d do if you weren’t afraid of failure.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand had to say this about women in the workplace. Definitely a powerful “DUH” statement! Still, the Senator’s words are something we should be repeating to ourselves every day. How many great ideas never came to fruition because someone was too timid, or worse, told she wasn’t capable?

#2 The Balancing act

We’re often told to achieve a “work-life” balance, but it might be time to throw that idea out the window. It no longer exists, it’s all about “work-life” integration.

LOVE this, because there is no way to have a complete 50/50 work and life schedules. One day your life will take precedence, one day work will. You bend, pick and choose, and merge the two.

We live in a world where each individual is their own brand. We’re repping that brand on social media and when networking with colleagues. But you’re checking emails on the train and conjuring up the next great ad campaign in the shower, it also means you get to #treatyourself every now and then.

#3 Ariana Huffington is secretly hilarious

Enough said.

#4 Unplug!

Dr. Richard Davidson spoke on the importance of a calm mind in our crazy world. Easier said than done, sure, but the effects of sleep and meditation can cause “measurable improvements” on our productivity and efficiency.

The science is pretty amazing: mindfulness can improve focus and memory, and as we’ve noted before, a stroll through the park acts like a creativity steroid.

Digital breaks are also essential and so is taking time to be a person. Don’t just think these things are true; practice them and encourage your employees to do the same. You’re a better version of you when you do these things.

And whereas some worship the cult of “no sleep,” the science is pretty solid on why that’s a really, really terrible idea.

*Hits snooze button*

#5 “Appreciation is almost as good as compensation.”

A favorite quote from Susan Gianinno, of Publicis Worldwide. All too often, women are too slow to brag about their accomplishment vs. their male counterparts. Recognition goes a long way in motivating employees.