5 Questions for Lori Hiltz, EVP/Managing Director, MPG

1. What’s the biggest trend in integrated media that you see for this year? This is an ever-changing dialogue but the importance and dominance of social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, etc.) have added the badge value to the integrated mediaplatform.  Consumers now have multiple choices to garner further information and product information.  The icon really becomes so much more of the creative strategy and

2. You’ve done a lot of work in the automotive sector.  Can
you point to any examples of auto companies using social media to their advantage?

One example that rises to the top is the is the “Ford Fiesta Movement” that involved selecting 100 socially vibrant individuals who were provided with the European version of the Ford Fiesta 18 months prior to it being manufactured and released in the USA.  These socially media aware Ford fanatics were encouraged to share their experience with the Ford Fiesta over the 6 months on their Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube channels.  A brilliant use of multiple social channels to cume audience and awareness.

3. What demographic is most overlooked by marketers? Reaching the ever-elusive Hispanic Male 18-34 is a really challenging effort.  Understanding that there are limits to the platforms and channels, marketers are challenged to create more customized and applicable content to draw this important consumer to the marketing conversation.

4. Some industry analysts have argued “linear has got legs,” in other words, audio content will continue to be consumed according to broadcaster’s programming schedules.  What’s your take? I disagree.  Look at what Pandora has created in the purest of personalized, customized broadcast content, or Grooveshark, the premier “on-demand” audio network.  In either case, I am not beholden to a broadcaster’s programming offering or lack thereof!


5. Finally, what is your guilty pleasure band? I still love Barenaked Ladies – if only if I had a million dollars…

Lori Hiltz leads the venerable Sears account for MPG Chicago, bringing her considerable wealth of experience to drive strategic thinking, innovation and media partnerships for the Sears brand and Sears Holdings Corporation.