$5 Gas? That’s Nothing Compared to Your Next Cable Bill


Director of Operations

With fuel prices expected to approach $5.00 mark this Summer, NPD Research thinks the next consumer battleground will be with your cable company as your average bill could reach $200 by the year 2020.

There are a lot of reasons for this price increase, not the least of which are the perpetual squabbles between subscription cable operators and networks over carriage fees.

And satellite, telecom video services like AT&T’s U-verse, tablets and web enabled TVs have already taken market share from cable industry as consumers are personally defining “pull” content.

But, there is an “unknown” lurking out there that will change the game: available broadband spectrum. The looming broadband spectrum crisis could make recent cable bill increases look like child’s play.

Spectrum is finite, so if you want to truly know where this industry is heading, pay close attention to this issue as $200 might end up looking like a bargain compared to your broadband bill.

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