Select CBS Radio Talent immerse themselves in the SeaWorld brand by talking about their holiday season visits and inviting listeners to come to SeaWorld to record their personal holiday messages.

Listen to the spots below

Encourage consumers to participate in a national consumer promotion to create unforgettable family memories, through video pre-rolls, streaming, mobile ads, website takeovers. Consumers share their SeaWorld videos with friends and family.

CBS produces :30 sec promotional spots that included SeaWorld holiday footage to generate excitement and drive viewers to the park to record their personalized holiday messages.

Over a thousand fans come to record their personal holiday messages and express gratitude toward CBS Radio and SeaWorld for providing such an amazing experience.

Turnkey integrated activation enables seamless management, editing and distribution of families’ holiday messages to share with their loved ones via Facebook and Twitter. While on-site, CBS Radio ambassadors provide all attendees with holiday cheer.