Blue Ambassador Talent
CBS Talent are beacons in their local markets that have built relationships with their listeners who turn to them for recommendations and their valued points of view. CBS has identified 16 top prime-time on-air announcers, on 16 stations, across the three markets.

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Blue Oasis Events
Professionally staffed by the Blue Oasis Street Team, The Blue Oasis featured Blue Cross Blue Shield branded water bottle and/or drawstring backpack giveaway items, free WiFi and phone charging stations and a place to sit down and relax with friends. Video testimonials were also recorded by Blue Oasis visitors for a chance to win a trip to Universal Studios.

Mobile RDS Technology
Blue Cross Blue Shield is an “exclusive” RDS sponsor on all 15x CBS FM Radio Stations in 3x Markets (CHI, DAL, HOU) in (July 2012 –June 2013).
RDS sponsorship includes 64 Character Messaging.
Runs during all commercial/non-programming elements with captive in-car exposure to complement on-air radio media.

Dynamic ad banners run across all CBS Local’s far-reaching digital properties and drive awareness and interaction.

Sports Marketing
CBS and BCBS launch a comprehensive multi-platform sports marketing program to impact Chicago Bears Fans and Chicago White Sox Fans via on-air, on-line and on-site.
Elements include feature sponsorship of “The Pre-Game Injury Report” and “The Most Important Decision of the Game” to tie in with the existing BCBS Messaging.